At Driveshaft Services, we take pleasure in offering a high-quality, quick turbo repair service on your current turbo rather than selling you a new turbocharger or one from our stock.

Reconditioned Turbos


Years of experience have shown us that this is the ideal method and that turbos should be fixed rather than replaced when time permits.

You may choose to turbo repair rather than replace it for a variety of reasons, and you can trust Driveshaft Services to work just with your turbo and existing parts.

This makes sure that you just pay for the replacement parts. Instead than replacing your turbo and having the same issue arise again, by following this advised approach, we can identify the causes of your turbo failure and expertly advise whether or not anything can be done to resolve the issue.

Reconditioned Turbos 


Reconditioned Turbo - Turbo Repair
Reconditioned Turbo - Turbo Repair

Turbo Repair

After inspecting your Turbocharger, we'll give you a quote. Once getting approval, we will fix your turbocharger and deliver it back to you.

Since 2011, Driveshaft Services has focused on Turbo sales, Turbo reconditioning/remanufacturing, repairs, and replacement  for trade and retail customers. If there are turbos involved, we can assist you. Our services include the following:

  • Turbocharger rebuilds
  • Turbo repairs
  • Turbo replacement
  • Turbocharger balancing
  • New and remanufactured turbochargers from stock
  • Warranty inspections and reports
  • General technical support

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