57 X 152 universal joint bearings INA

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GU7630INA 57 X 152 universal joint bearings INA

The crosses made in the EU, their most important element are the German INA bearings. INA crosspieces are of the highest quality, durability and reliability in extreme operating conditions. These crosspieces are designed for intensive work and transmission of the highest torques. According to experts, they are currently the best Teutonic Knights in the world.

OE MAN: 81391086031, 81391086032, 81391086048, 81391096028, 81391096029, 81391266006, 81393746003
OE RENAULT: 5001824340, 5001855880, 7401068250
OE DAF: 1235571, 1288S229, 128835971