About Driveshaft services

Driveshaft Services provide a complete service in application, design and manufacture of Driveshafts. Our ability to provide solutions to a wide variety of Driveshaft problems is just part of the service. Please note we do not remove the shafts from the vehicle. 

Technical Facilities

The specific needs of a variety of industries and their particular applications require a thorough understanding of Driveshaft technology. With our experience and Equipment – Dynamic Balancing Machine and Semi-Automatic Welder we deliver a refurbishing and repair service second to none.


Driveshaft Services carry the most comprehensive range of universal joints and carrier bearings in Ireland. Over 99% of all orders are despatched within 24 hours.


The object of the company is not merely to maintain, but to improve the quality of all Drive Shaft Services’ products. We are constantly striving to achieve the maximum levels of driveline performance without compromising our competitive product pricing.


Drive Shaft Services are committed to customer care. Our service is motivated by a concern for complete customer satisfaction. Staff are always available to answer enquiries and queries on all aspects of the service and products from Drive Shaft Services and provide propshaft solutions to driveline problems.


You can read more about us on our brochure here.


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