Testing & Diagnostics

Hand-Built, High Quality, Fully Remanufactured Turbochargers

Reliability and Performance

Every single turbo remanufactured by Driveshaft Services is built to the highest standards possible, in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications. The VSR core-balancing machine spins the turbo up to 250,000 rev/min measuring any slight imbalance which, if left, would shorten the turbo’s life.

The balancing of any turbocharger is critical for both reliability and performance. Every turbo is also rigorously tested to simulate the boost operation as if it was fitted to an engine. This is done using a series of machines, test benches and specially set up test-rigs. All of which guarantees the performance of the turbo on the vehicle. All of this is especially critical when dealing with units with Electronic Actuators. When assembly is completed, our quality control inspection team check, and double check, every turbocharger before it is dispatched. Each unit carries a fully traceable parts and workmanship data reference and its own distinct identification number.


We are always happy to assist in the diagnosis of suspected turbo problems. It is often an easy process to eliminate other causes of engine problems as well as determine that a turbo is the cause of an issue.
In all instances it is important to find the reason for the damage to the existing turbo before replacing it.

Engine Performance
The following problems can often indicate turbo failure:

  • Engine power loss.
  • Black or blue exhaust smoke.
  • Increased oil consumption.
  • Engine noise.
  • Leaking oil.

Visual Inspection
An initial visual inspection can reveal the following problems:

  • Compromised air hoses.
  • Blocked filters.
  • Loose mounting.
  • Turbo fractures.
  • Burnt componds and odour.
  • Excessive heating.

Benchtop Inspection
A benchtop inspection of a dismounted turbo can reveal the following problems:

  • Damaged hoses.
  • Leaking seals.
  • Broken compressor vanes.
  • Blocked valves and actuators.
  • Compromised circuitry.
  • Clogged air filter.

If you can successfuly diagnose that your turbo is faulty you can either order spares from us, send your turbo in for a rebuild or purchase a remanufactured turbo unit.